Don’t Let Central Valley Rental Property Maintenance Waste Your Time

End of the year maintenance checklist for rental properties

If you’re like most owners, you may be doing the maintenance at your Central Valley Rental Property yourself but the reality is that maintenance can actually take a lot of your time and money as you grow your portfolio of rental properties that’s why it’s important for you to consider hiring a property manager.

Time Is Money

Let’s face it, owning Central Valley Rental Property is a business, and your time is money, this is the main reason why you should hire a property manager because you will be saved the time and hassle of having to maintain your rental yourself so you can focus on making money or doing the things that you need to do to grow your portfolio or rental properties in the Central Valley.

Central Valley Rental Property

About Our Maintenance Services

At RPM Central Valley we’re proud to offer you the following maintenance services:

Thorough Inspections

Inspections are performed in our rental homes at both move-in and move out. We also schedule periodic inspections, which help us check that all is well in the property. All inspections are thoroughly noted and documented. These records allow us to bill tenants if necessary when the tenancy ends.

If our inspectors notice any problems while visiting a home, we will schedule maintenance for the property as quickly as possible.

Maintenance & Upkeep

We invite our tenants to submit repair requests for problems within their rental units. When a repair request is submitted through our system, our maintenance team immediately begins reviewing the information. We will schedule a visit to the property as quickly as possible to assess and resolve the issue as necessary.

Our maintenance services are performed by in-house staff and our trusted vendors. When a repair requires the assistance of a dedicated contractor, we collaborate with the tenant to keep the disruption to a minimum. As part of Real Property Management, we benefit from preferential rates with many vendors, which helps us save our clients’ money.

Personalized Guidance

Quickly addressing your property’s weak spots and making periodic improvements to the home helps protect the rental value of your property. Many homeowners struggle to keep costs in line, which is why we offer hands-on support to our clients.

Before you rent your property, we’ll identify potential areas of improvement you could use to boost your home’s earning potential. We’ll also look for problems during our inspections that you can proactively address to avoid problems down the road. 

Learn More

To learn more about the professional maintenance and services we can offer you for your Central Valley Rental Property contact us today by calling (209) 572-2222 or click here to connect with us online.