DIY vs. Property Management – Which Option Is Better?

DIY vs. Property Management – Which Option Is Better?

Learn More If DIY Or Property Management Is The Right Choice For You

So you’re thinking about purchasing a rental property in the Central Valley and your friend, family member or co-worker has told you that it’s better to manage the rental property yourself but you’re not sure which option is better.

In this article we will break down DIY vs. property management so you can make the best decision for your portfolio of rental properties.

Property Management

What Happens When You Choose To DIY?

When it comes to DIY property management you may be able to manage your own Central Valley rental property for a time but did you know that your responsibilities as a property owner don’t just end with rent collection? Here are some of the things you will have to do during the course of a normal year:

Leasing – You will have to advertise your rental property, talk with prospective tenants, do background checks, set leasing policies and rent to tenants.

Maintenance – Like any property owner you will be required to perform maintenance on your rental property during a normal business year including maintenance to the HVAC system, water heater and other major systems in your home.

Legal Knowledge – Did you know that you will have to know Fair Housing Laws? Besides this you will also have to know how to create a loophole free lease and more.

Tenant Management – Unfortunately, as a landlord you will also need to be available 24-7, 365, should one of your tenants contact you with a problem or issue they are having with their rental property.

What Are The Advantages Of Property Management?

When you choose a professional property management company like RPM Central Valley you can relax because, we will take care of all aspects of property management for you so you can focus on enjoying the revenue from your rental property.

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