How To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Rental Property


Summer is officially around the corner in the Central Valley and this means that with longer days and warmer weather it’s also a perfect time for landlords to focus on improving the curb appeal of their rental properties.

If it’s been some time since you’ve focused on improving the curb appeal of your rental, this article will provide you with a refresher course of curb appeal Improvement tips that you can use to improve the look of your rental property even as early as this weekend.

Tip #1 – Power Wash Everything

The first curb appeal Improvement tip that we have for you is to rent a power washer and wash down not only that exterior of your rental property but also the driveway and sidewalks as well.

Power washers are excellent because they can remove years of dirt, debris and gunk from your property then make it appear to be brighter and more well-maintained when potential renters show up.

Tip #2 – Clean Up The Landscaping

After taking the time to power wash the exterior of your rental property including the driveway and sidewalks you should next hire someone or commit to cleaning up the landscaping surrounding your rental property as well.

A landscape cleanup is important because it may have been some time since you last had the grass mowed and trimmed so you should commit to removing any leaves which still remain from last fall, remove trash, and take the time to mow or trim the grass surrounding your Central Valley rental property to get it back in shape and ready for the spring and summer months.

Tip #3 – Plant New Flowers

Last of all, but most important, once you’ve cleaned up the entire property you can next turn your attention to further improving your rentals curb appeal by planting flowers, trees, shrubs, and re-seeding or planting new sod in your lawn.

Tip – You should make sure that your lease specifies whose responsibility it is to keep the landscape watered and maintained so that it doesn’t slip back into a state of disrepair once the rental property has been rented again.

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