Should you allow cigarette smoking in your rental property?

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One of the most important questions that every owner must ask themselves sooner, rather than later, is if they should allow cigarette smoking in their rental property.

The Effects of Long Term Smoking On a Home

Besides being a serious fire hazard every time a smoker lights up, the reality is that long term smoking brings with it serious side effects including the following:

· Cigarette smoke contains moisture which builds up over time, especially on walls, carpet and flooring.

· Long term smoking of cigarettes can also destroy electronic devices and gear because of tar and nicotine, both well-known chemicals which all cigarettes have.

· Smoking cigarettes in a home over a period of months or years can also damage the vents in a Rental home as well as the HVAC system in a house.

Cigarette Smokers Will Actually Turn Off Other Renters

Sadly, another downside of renting to a cigarette smoker is that smokers can actually deter other renters from wanting to rent from you because, most non-smokers do not want to live in a multi-family rental property with another smoker

Time to Consider a No Smoking Policy

Although it might be taboo for some property owners to consider creating a no-smoking policy for their Rental Property, the reality is that this is the best way to protect yourself from having anyone smoke while living in your rental.

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