Christmas Decorating Tips for Your Apartment

Christmas Decorating

Now that Thanksgiving 2018 has come and gone we can officially kick Christmas 2018 into “high gear” and this also includes decorating.

Decorating can be fun, even if you’re renting a small space like an apartment that’s why in this article, we will share with you our best tips for decorating your apartment.

Decorate Your Front Door

That’s right. Great Christmas decorating starts at your door. A Christmas wreath on your door is a great way to greet your guests and get them into a festive mood before they even step inside. To really make your door stand out from all the others in your building, try turning your door into a giant present by wrapping it with Christmas paper and attaching a giant colorful bow of ribbon. A bright and colorful construction paper gift tag affixed to the door could proclaim the words “Merry Christmas” in glittery glory.

Oh, and don’t forget to program your doorbell to play a favorite Christmas song.

Deck Your Hall or Entryway

Once your friends and guests step through your door a festively decorated entryway will keep the Christmas theme going. A bench with Christmas pillows makes a fun statement. Snowflakes or Christmas cards taped to mirrors are also a great way to say, “Welcome, it’s Christmas.”

If there are stairs in your entryway, stair balusters are the perfect place to hang stockings from, and red ribbon can turn every other baluster into candy canes. Evergreen garland wrapped around stair railings and banisters also makes a warm Christmas statement.

Theme the Whole House

Christmas is a theme all its own, but you can take your decorating to a whole new level by introducing another theme throughout your whole apartment. Theming by colors—silver and blue or gold and cream or red and green—for example, creates a nice visual flow that can actually make your apartment look bigger. Theming by collectibles, such as elves, reindeer, teddy bears, angels, or candles, is another fun way to go. What’s great about theming is that it also creates a certain Christmas mood—such as cheerful and playful, modern and sophisticated, old-fashioned and elegant, or cabin and rustic.

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