Central Valley Rental Property – Learn How to Caulk A Bathtub Yourself

By RPM Central Valley

One of the best things you can do to increase the value of your Central Valley Rental Property and to make it more “attractive” to potential renters is to replace the caulk around the bath tub or shower in your rental property.

In today’s post we will share with you simple tips you can use to replace the caulk in your bathroom yourself.

Step 1 – Buy the Right Tools

Visit your local home improvement store and purchase the following tools for the job:

· New tube of 100% silicone caulk

· Caulk removal tool

· Caulking gun

· Tooth brush

· All purpose cloth

· Cleaner

Step 2 – Remove the Old Caulk

Take your caulk removal tool and scrape off the caulk around the edge of the bath tub in your Central Valley Rental Property.

Once the caulk is removed you will then take your tooth brush and cleaner to spray down the area where the old caulk was and remove any residual caulk which remains.

Step 3 – Applying New Caulk

As you apply the new caulk it’s best to use a steady hand or caulking gun for this purpose because once you’ve applied the caulk you won’t be able to paint over it if you’re not happy with your caulking job.

After applying new caulking around your bathtub you should then look for other areas in your bathrooms or home where new caulk is needed since old caulk looks dirty and can actually lower the value of your Central Valley Rental Property even if your tenants keep your rental clean during the year.

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