Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make While Owning Central Valley Rental Properties

Here’s How to Get Your Rental Property ready for winter in the Central Valle

By RPM Central Valley

Are you planning on buying your first rental property in the Central Valley? If so, owning rental property is a great investment to make but before you get started with your first rental you want to avoid making the following mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Poor Communications with Your Tenants

One of the worst mistakes that you can make after purchasing Central Valley Rental Property is to communicate poorly with your tenants.

To avoid communicating poorly with your tenants make sure that you give your tenants multiple ways to contact you (email/phone/text) and you should also do your best to follow up with them within 24 hours or less just so they feel like you are attentive to their needs.

Mistake #2 – Letting Tenant Accountability Slip

Although you may own one Central Valley Rental Property you shouldn’t let tenant accountability slip because the minute you loosen your standards and let your tenants violate your lease agreement or your rules it’s going to be much harder to bring them back in line with your standards for your rental property.


Mistake #3 – Ignoring Safety Precautions

Another important thing that you don’t want to do when renting Central Valley Rental Properties is to ignore safety precautions because, not equipping your rental property with things like smoke/carbon monoxide detectors or neglecting serious maintenance issues could result in loss of life and or your tenants taking you to court so it’s better to make safety a priority now or pay later.

Get Central Valley Property Management Here

One of the very best things you can do before you rent your Central Valley Rental Property is to hire an experienced property manager to manage your rental property for you.

At Real Property Management, Central Valley, we will save you the time, money and hassle of managing your rental property yourself so you can focus on growing your portfolio and making more money.

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