What Does A Central Valley Property Manager Do? Part 1

Here’s How to Get Your Rental Property ready for winter in the Central Valle

So you just purchased your first rental property and are wondering what a Central Valley Property Manager actually does because everyone is telling you to hire a property manager while you’re used to managing your rental properties yourself.

In this article, we will break down some of the ways that a Stockton or Central Valley Property manager helps you so you can have confidence in hiring a property manager to help you grow your portfolio of rental properties.

Property Evaluation And Correct Rental Rate

One of the most important things that a Central Valley Property Manager does for you is evaluate your rental property then determine the correct rental rate before listing a single family home, condo, townhome or apartment for rent in the Central Valley.

Once a Central Valley Property Manager has evaluated your rental property and determined the correct rental rate via their rent research and comparable analysis of other rental properties in the Central Valley they will discuss the pros and cons of your rental property including if you will approve things like pets or smoking at your rental property or not.

Marketing Your Rental Property

After consulting with you regarding the correct rental rate and policies for your rental property your Central Valley Property Manager will market your rental property both online and offline but before marketing your rental your property manager will do the following.

  1. Get your rental property ready for tenants by doing a complete clean up inside and outside of the rental.
  2. Manicure the landscaping and plant new flowers to improve the curb appeal of your Central Valley Rental Property.
  3. Create ads for listing your rental property on the MLS, their property management website and other offline resources like local newspapers and or fliers.
  4. Provide prospective tenants with a 24-hour phone number to call for more information about the rental property and a rental application that’s legally compliant with rental laws.

Get A Central Valley Property Management

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