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Top Excuses For Not Paying Rent And The Solution To The Problem

STOCKTON – As a property owner one of the “keys to success” when it comes to owning income property is knowing how to respond to your tenant requests and the truth is that as with any relationship in your life you must know how to respond to your tenants without just saying no to everything.

In today’s Central Valley Property Management tips we will offer you several ideas you can use for responding to tenant requests efficiently.

#1 – Don’t Resolve Conflict by Saying No to Everything

From the first moment that a tenant brings a special request to you it’s important to know the real reason behind their request before offering them a negative response.

You shouldn’t hesitate to ask your tenant for more information (if needed) and then give them a time frame for when you will resolve their issue so you can have plenty of time to research it and offer them an intelligent response.

#2 – Make Your Response Clear

When responding to a tenant it’s always critical that you are very clear response.

Your tenant want to know that their issue is going to be resolved and must also never over promise or under deliver on your responses because, this will damage the long term relationship with your tenant and make them want to look elsewhere for a rental when their lease is up for renewal.

#3 – Create Standard Answers

As you add more rental properties to your portfolio one of the best Central Valley Property Management tips we can offer you is to create standard responses for your clients by either printing out common questions and answers for someone when they move in or by creating a website that tenants can refer to before they call you.

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