California Eviction Protection Update

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In the latest California Eviction Protection News, evictions have been postponed through January 2021 and even though evictions have been postponed, the reality is that rent is still due.

In this article, we will break down the extension of the eviction ban and what this means to you.

California Eviction Protection Update

For many central San Joaquin Valley renters facing significant loss of income and not receiving extra unemployment or housing benefits, the state’s eviction moratorium — put in place on April 6 by the California Judicial Council — was one of the only things keeping them from losing their homes.

Now, a day before the state’s moratorium expired on Tuesday, a new bill approved by state legislators and signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday extends eviction protections for tenants who can prove COVID-19 impact.

There’s a catch: starting in September, tenants have to pay at least 25% of future rent to avoid eviction by March 2021 — and all rent unpaid at this point is still owed to landlords, leaving many concerned about tenants falling into insurmountable debt and small landlords unable to pay their bills.

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