California’s eviction freeze ended, but you can still get rent help. Check your county

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The statewide eviction moratorium ended, but residents from several counties throughout California can still apply for rental assistance. With the end of the moratorium, landlords who want to evict tenants for unpaid rent via a lawsuit must first apply for rental assistance. There may also be other eviction protections, depending on local laws and special circumstances. For those who are unable to pay some or all of their rent or utility bills, the state has a COVID-19 rent relief program for income-eligible renters and landlords.

Certain counties also have local support for residents. To find out whether you are eligible for your local program, the state program or both, you can visit this website and input your current address.

Here is a list of programs that are currently accepting applications: ALAMEDA COUNTY Renters and landlords in Alameda County can apply for assistance online. The city of Oakland and Fremont also have their own rent relief programs.

Various non-profit groups and government organizations are offering assistance for residents in Butte County. This includes programs for veterans and support for low-income families. You see the full list of resources here and here. FRESNO COUNTY Those in Fresno County can apply for local COVID-19 rent relief. The city of Fresno also has an Emergency Rental Assistance Program to help qualifying renters who were unable to make rental payments dating back to April 2020. They also provide support for future monthly rent. KERN COUNTY

Kern County residents can apply to the Rent and Utility Assistance Program. MARIN COUNTY Marin County has an Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The application process closes this December. MONTEREY COUNTY Monterey County tenants and landlords can apply to the Monterey County Emergency Rental Assistance Program through United Way.

SACRAMENTO COUNTY Residents in Sacramento can apply for rental assistance via the Sacramento Emergency Rental Assistance Program. SAN BERNADINO COUNTY San Bernadino County’s Rent Relief Partnership application period has closed, but the county is advising residents to apply via the California rental assistance program. The city also has a program as well. SAN DIEGO

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