7 Tips for Getting Your Rental Property Ready for New Tenants

Simple Tips for Keeping Your Stockton Rental Property Safe

By RPM Central Valley

Are you planning on renting your Central Valley single family home, condo or apartment for the first time? If so, here are 7 tips you can use for getting your rental property ready for new tenants.

Tip #1 – Purchase Property and Liability Insurance

These insurance policies are important because they will protect you from losses, damages and any accidents or injuries that occur at your rental property while it’s occupied.

Tip #2 – Service Your Rental Property

Before listing your rental property for rent you should have your rental thoroughly inspected to make sure that everything in the rental is functioning properly including electrical, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, HVAC, appliances, washer, and dryer etc.

Tip #3 – Clean All Floors and Carpeting

Every tenant does not love touring a rental property that has dirty floors or carpeting so you should hire a company to have them professionally cleaned before showing your property.

Tip #4 – Let in The Light

From cleaning all windows to replacing light bulbs, you shouldn’t hesitate to let the light in at your rental property because, more light will help your rental to feel bright, spacious and more cheerful than other rentals in the area.

Tip #5 – Inspect Ceiling Fans

Does your rental have ceiling fans? If so, you should inspect/clean them because dusty ceiling fans will not work efficiently and can easily break down.

Tip #6 – Spray for Pests

Even though your rental may not have pests that you can see, this doesn’t mean that pests are not currently inhabiting your home, this is why you should spray for pets before renting your property just so they don’t show up by the time your tenants move in.

Tip #7 – Paint Your Rental Property

Last of all, but most important, you should also take the time to paint your rental property (inside and out) because a fresh coat of paint can do wonders at making an older space feel fresh, new and updated.

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