4 Best Rental Property Renovations to Increase Your Property Value

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Are you planning on renovating your Central Valley rental property? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we will share with you the 4 best rental property renovations that will increase your property value.

#1 – Kitchen

Since people will spend the most time in the kitchen, this should be the first part of your home that you improve because this improvement will increase your Central Valley rental property value by up to $25,000.

Tip – Don’t go overboard on kitchen renovations. Focus on sticking with the basics so that you stay within budget.

#2 – Bathrooms

Bathrooms are also another area of your rental property where tenants will spend a lot of time so you should focus on updating the bathrooms in your rental so that they are tastefully updated while functional at the same time.

Tip – Don’t forget to add shelving! Many bathrooms in rental properties don’t have enough shelving and this can be a problem for renters so you should add plenty of shelving or storage solutions in the bathroom to make life a little easier for your tenants.

#3 – Flooring

When thinking about adding flooring in your Central Valley rental property it’s best to stick with flooring that’s a high traffic floor like wood or vinyl flooring because those types of floors will last a lot longer than carpeting will.

#4 – Accent or Feature Wall

Once you’ve focused on improving the kitchens and bathrooms in your rental property now is the fun part, you can focus on adding design features like an accent wall or feature wall.

Tip – When adding an accent wall, it’s best to stick with neutral colors because you want the wall to be an improvement, not a distraction to a potential tenant.

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