3 Tips to Protect Your Stockton California Rental Property and Keep Your Tenants Happy

3 Tips to Protect Your Stockton California Rental Property and Keep Your Tenants Happy

If you own a multifamily Stockton California Rental Property you know that life can get a little complicated at times but with managing multiple tenants but you can keep your tenants happy by following these simple tips.

Tip #1 – Be Meticulous About Trash Pickup

Trash pickup is something that you don’t want to put on the “back burner” because, if tenants see trash lying on the ground outside their doors they will begin to wonder what else may be wrong with the property.

Start with having a dedicated area for your dumpsters. They should be placed at the back of your Stockton California Rental Property.

Next make sure that tenants know that they can only dump their trash in the dumpster, and not their old mattresses, televisions, entertainment centers or other large, bulky items.

Tip – Consider offering your tenants a monthly “dump run” where they can pay $20 to have their large, bulky trash items hauled to the dump one time each month.

Once your dedicated dumpster area is established you should then establish a regular trash pickup day each week and make sure that your tenants are aware of that day so they know when to dump their trash.

Tip #2 – Keep Common Areas and Hallways Spotless

Another important aspect of owning a multi-family rental property is keeping your hallways and common areas spotless.

Having these areas regularly inspected and maintained will help to improve the curb appeal for your rental property and lower your chances of one of your tenants being injured because trash or debris was left out on your property.

Tip #3 – Make Sure That Your Building Is Pest Free

Last of all, but most important, make sure that your Stockton Rental Property is pest free by scheduling a monthly appointment with your pest control company so they can spray the exterior of the building and the inside of your rental units if needed.

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